the alphabet

The Little Linguist's Alphabet is a multilingual alphabet with 26 objects that all start with the same letter as their translations in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch. Now D is always for Dinosaur, and P is always for Princess, no matter which combination of these languages your little linguist speaks.

This idea grew out of necessity as my own little girl was a little puzzled when she first started to discover the alphabet. I was determined to keep her language experience fun and effortless, but I could see a few little negative thoughts creeping in as she struggled to identify which letter was which. It was 'p pour parapluie' with her French Papa, but on the English alphabet on our wall, it was 'u for umbrella'. As we also knew many other little linguists facing the same challenge with other language combinations, the idea just would not leave me alone!

I believe this alphabet can help maintain a positive attitude to language and keep little linguists loving and speaking their languages!

my story


My name is Úna and I am 'Maman' to 2 gorgeous girls who speak English and French (with a sprinkling of Irish thrown in!). We currently live in Melbourne, but our roots are shared by Australia, Ireland, France and Lebanon. We are a OPOL family (one parent, one language) with Papa speaking exclusively French, while I speak mainly English.
I am constantly amazed by my little girls as they show me just how natural it is to speak more than one language. I have witnessed some challenges they met along the way and feel that a positive language experience, in the delicate early years, can be crucial in determining whether a child continues to speak their languages or not. And so, I have founded LoveYourLingo to inspire little linguists to love their languages!
I am originally a scientist, and hold a PhD in Chemistry which led me indirectly to the discovery of 'Problem-Based Learning' (PBL), a learning method which guides you to become a life-long learner by allowing you figure things out for yourself. I feel 'The Little Linguist's Alphabet' provides the perfect opportunity for bilingual children to 'figure things out for themselves'. It is a solid building block to start from, and return to, whenever they get a little confused, as they know that no matter which language they are thinking in, or which parent they are talking to, D is always for Dinosaur! It just makes life a bit easier!
I really hope that your little linguist enjoys this alphabet as much as I have enjoyed creating it! It has been a wonderful journey and I am hoping it is just the beginning!
thank you kickstarter

There are 203 people that I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart for helping me bring this project to life. They are, of course, my Kickstarter backers. Production of The Little Linguist's Alphabet was funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in late 2014. The people who backed me came from all over the world, from Costa Rica to Japan, from the USA to New Zealand. They have kept me going when things got difficult, and have been forever patient and supportive at every stage. I genuinely feel I now have 203 new friendships and want to thank each and every one of you for helping me make this a reality.

Thank you. Thank you.

the illustrations

It was the talented, and forever patient, Gabrijela Sklepić, who hand drew all the illustrations for the alphabet. There were many changes along the way as I struggled to find the best option for all 6 languages for each letter (and almost gave up more than once!). She also created the adorable character, Anna, whom I just cannot wait to work with! I have lots of plans for Anna, so if you have a curious little linguist who would like a little friend...watch this space!