Wall prints/alphabet products are available for the following languages:


The Little Linguist's Alphabet

The Little Linguist's Alphabet is perfect for a child speaking any combination of: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Dutch. The alphabet works in all 6 languages simultaneously so, no matter which combination of these languages your little linguist speaks, this alphabet just works.


I believe the current version of the alphabet also works for:

 Maltese | Swedish | Africaans

And almost works for Catalan and Galician (except for the letter y=yoga), Norwegian (except for the letter V=violin) and Danish (except for N=Nest). I hope to investigate this further some day. If you are interested in these languages now, please contact me at

Italian-friendly alphabet

There is a separate version of The Little Linguist's alphabet that is suitable for a child speaking any combination of Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch and German. It is now available to order via RedBubble. RedBubble are a 'Print on Demand' service with numerous printing locations around the world. When you order, you can choose your product and size and then they print my design especially for you, and send directly to you, with very affordable shipping rates. You need to visit RedBubble to order, just click here.. There are also some Italian Printables available here.